In 2012 I was asked to create a collection of watercolours to illustrate “The Archers Cookbook” written by Jennifer Aldridge (alias The Archers actress Angela Piper.)  The book featured not only Jennifer’s family recipes, but also anecdotes and memories over the years in Ambridge, and I’m proud to say went on to win the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

This is a charming collection of watercolours inspired by Radio 4’s longest running and most popular series ever. Any one of these framed paintings would make a very special gift for any ardent Archers fan, or anyone who comes from a farming family or who grew up in the countryside.  I can even supply you with a signed copy of the book to accompany your special gift for a small extra fee.   

The watercolours feature the four seasons in Ambridge; the lambs in the springtime fields; pots of homemade preserves in summer and the ubiquitous girls on ponies, as well as the recipes and ingredients.

The Archers Cookbook was designed to look like a well-thumbed family recipe book handed down through generations of women, and complete with greasespots and smudges. (None on the watercolours, though!)

Also available as a complete set: please message me for the price.