• Kirsty

    “Sarah is a wonderful teacher – she does lots of demonstrating and guides you through all the basics of watercolour painting, so that you feel confident that you can actually paint … with paints … on proper paper … with a brush … and know what you’re doing!

  • Jane Adam

    Sarah is one of those rare people who is a talented artist with real teaching skills. The sessions are fun, thanks to Sarah’s passion for art and her lovely personality. Most importantly, students are given lots of confidence with tailored skills and techniques.

  • Bronwen Taylor

    Superb tuition! Sarah is very knowledgeable and has that rare quality of sharing her skills in a warm enthusiastic way that encourages everyone to feel comfortable at whatever level. Uplifting!

  • Susan B

    I treated myself to two of Sarah's courses this summer - both were wonderful. Sarah is a great teacher - patient and clear and she makes watercolour painting seem so simple. It is relaxing learning with her in the lovely Penzance studio and I was amazed at the quality of work I produced with her help. I learnt lots and was inspired to carry on painting using her techniques and excellent notes.

  • Diane Hale

    Sarah is the most inspirational talented person teaching art, the range of her knowledge is amazing which she passes
    on most generously. She brings in so many elements of drawing, perspective, painting, ways of thinking afresh and
    looking when she’s demonstrating, and always with humour and encouragement.
    You get a lot for your money��

  • Chris Durham

    Recently went on one of Sarah's water colour workshops having been recommended by a friend. Level of tuition was
    fantastic, Sarah really is a such talent, she has a wonderful way of teaching and I found the course to be insightful and
    interesting. I will certainly be visiting Penzance again for another workshop.

  • Claire Hornsby

    Sarah provides a friendly welcoming atmosphere and her magical teaching enables you to get amazing results. Love
    her watercolour workshops!

  • Nicola Sage

    Sarah is a fabulous teacher. She has patience, humour and her workshops are relaxed and extremely informative. I
    can’t commend her highly enough!

  • Nettie Brown

    Thank you so much for such a lovely time at your Botanicals painting course. It was exactly what I needed to
    learn...some basic pure watercolour techniques and the chance to experiment under your expert eye.
    want to thank you personally for being such a lovely host/teacher/person. I felt so relaxed and was very empowered
    by the whole experience. Small world/town but great feeling of being at home in a strange place.

  • Valerie Canty

    Your friendly, patient and attentive manner put me immediately at ease so that I could enjoy the so many
    creative learning opportunities the days were about to bring. You were genuinely interested in my areas of
    interest and my questions and quests for exploration and development. Your interactive demonstrations,
    followed by shared practice, in your studio and outside locations have filled me with inspiration and
    confidence to keep on keeping on with my scribbling and colouring stories. I have enjoyed with you, a
    smart, funny, creative mini adventure that has enriched my own story. Many thanks Sarah.

  • Anna Findlay

    I have had two drawing sessions with Sarah. Before my first session I was a bit apprehensive and warned Sarah that:
    1. I can’t draw. 
    2. I am a nightmare to teach as I get frustrated very easily. 
    I was wrong! I loved learning drawing skills and was amazed at what I produced under her calm and fun guidance.
    Sarah shares her skill and passion with such enthusiasm. She is inspiring and empowering. I would love to continue
    on this journey and hope to be the person who takes a sketch pad away with them on holiday!  
    I whole-heartedly recommend Sarah.

  • Carol Plumridge DO

    I have attended two of Sarah's workshops. The four day absolute beginners course which was a great introduction to
    water colour painting. My second course was the modern botanicals course, Sarah is a great teacher, patient, funny
    and very talented. She is generous with her time and attention and always makes you feel good about what you
    produce.You end up feeling confident and ready to keep trying to improve your skills. Sarah's studio is a lovely room
    to work in and you have everything you need to get painting, great teaching and good company. I would highly
    recommend Sarah's courses, book one, you won't be disappointed.

  • Jaki Kelly

    We attended the two day beginners watercolour class in August, and can highly recommend it. Sarah has a wealth of
    knowledge she generously shares with you, she is patient and extremely supportive. Her teaching style and warm,
    friendly personality ensures that all attendees feel comfortable and relaxed whilst learning many new skills. We were
    delighted with our achievements, and will certainly be attending another workshop soon. A great way to treat yourself.

  • Kate Hardy

    I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend any of your workshops. Having completed Watercolours for Beginners
    I’ve learned so much and gained confidence. I’ve just completed two new workshops: Drawing Techniques and using
    Inktense Watercolours. Again I learned new skills and so enjoyed achieving goals. I now feel so confident, though
    obviously still so much more to learn. You have been an excellent teacher sharing your knowledge generously and not
    being worried about sharing ideas and listening to students. A big revelation to us all how much your wonderful
    demonstrations helped us learn.

  • A Peacelily

    I’m all packed, complete with my Sarah Bell painting kit, ready for a week in the Dales, where I will be sketching to my
    heart’s content. I can't wait to put my new skills and tips into creating some lovely memories on paper!!
    I always thoroughly enjoy your workshops and feel very fortunate to be learning from you. 
    You made everything fun and took us through the processes succinctly. Your individual support is invaluable in
    helping me to make progress!

  • Katja Behrens

    Before booking a one – on –one tuition with Sarah, I had lost my mojo for working with watercolours a bit, as I had
    watched so many videos online about watercolours and how to get started and what materials and brands to use, that
    I ended up with information overload and total confusion.
    Sarah condensed everything I needed to know to get started into easy understandable steps, from colour mixing, to
    the right tools and good quality paper and I can confirm that yes, you can pretty much mix most colours from 3 single
    colours alone and you don’t need 20 different brushes to get started either.
    I feel like I have got my spark back and finally have somewhere to start. Sarah also introduced me to the Derwent
    Inktense pencils and all I can say is wow. They are such a hidden gem and are so much nicer to work with than
    watercolour pencils and great for on the go. If you want to know how to get started with watercolours or improve your
    technique and learn some tricks of the trade along the way, I can highly recommend spending some time with Sarah.
    Thank you for everything – I had an amazing time at your beautiful studio and I will be back!:-)

  • Angela

    Learning to paint Seascapes with Sarah was exactly why I wanted to be able to paint. Sarah's inimitable teaching and
    generosity are so encouraging and I now have a bank of guides, tips and ideas to be able to do just that. There are
    such a great choice of courses to do here, that I will be back before long! Thank you Sarah.
    Houses, windows and doors was the second of Sarah's courses that I attended and it was just as brilliant as the first
    one, which was the Treasures of the Seashore.
    Sarah has a bright, airy studio in which she demonstrates, advises and helps you to develop your skills, with
    enthusiasm and encouragement. It is inspiring to watch her work too.

  • Linda Moffatt

    I recently attended Watercolours for Absolute beginners 1 & 2 in the lovely Clarence House in Penzance. The
    workshops are relaxed and informative, and Sarah so encouraging of all of our efforts. Everyone produced artwork to
    be proud of, along with the confidence to keep painting. Sarah is a fantastically friendly person, happy to share her
    knowledge whatever we asked, or how many times we asked it! I will definitely be back for another workshop (sorry
    Sarah!) and with these uncertain times ahead of us now, there is a little more time to get the paints out and enjoy
    everything that I learned. Fantastic workshops - thank you.

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