Buy my original paintings and prints of Cornwall to be reminded of happy times on the Cornish Coast, of special memories and beautiful places like  St Michaels Mount, Mousehole or the  Art Deco Jubilee Pool.  They're inspired by my life by the sea in Penzance in the far west of the UK.

My collectors love the way my images make them feel: they're full of colour, character and joy. Sarah Bell's Cornish prints are influenced by the classic art deco travel posters of the Inter-War years, by black and white vintage photo's, and of old Hollywood style mixed in with a dash of fresh Cornish seaside air. 

Perhaps that's why the directors of the BBC's popular Malory Towers TV series (set in the 1950's and based on the famous books by Enid Blyton) decided to buy one of each of these screen prints to use on set. 

Did you know that many of the travel prints available on the Internet are produced from traced-from-photos, re-coloured-on-the-computer and then hitting the Print button? 

My original hand-pulled screen prints are created by hand in my artist's studio. Each colour is drawn, a stencil is created, and then each colour is printed as a separate layer and left to dry before having then next layer of colour printed on top. This makes each and every print unique: in a print run of say, fifteen prints, hand numbered and signed by the artist,  each one will have slight differences because of the unique hand-printed nature of production. This makes them highly sought after and collectible.