Collection: BIRDS

Sarah featured on the "Painting Birds with Jim and Nancy Moir" TV programme on Sky Arts this year (Cornwall, Episode 2.)

Birds have served as symbols of good luck, good health, peace, freedom, wealth, fertility, love, truthfulness  in  different cultures all over the world. One of Sarah's favourite quotes is by American poet Emily Dickinson: " " Hope" is the thing with feathers." 

From small delicate watercolours and prints of British garden birds, to larger expressive ink paintings of Choughs, (the symbol of Cornwall,) Sarah loves to draw and paint birds and capture their sense of hope, freedom and their unique characters.

Bringing a sense of nature, wonder and calm into our homes, paintings of birds make wonderful gifts to commemorate a special occasion, time, or to express hope and positive change.  

Please contact Sarah here if you'd like to commission a painting of a particular bird.